When Your Mother Is Unable To See You!

Sistah Yaya, Kromanti Healer & Mother Wound Healing Expert

When a Mother cannot see/know herself properly, she may not be able to see/know her children properly!

My mom, despite having taught me about healing, prayer, warfare, spirits etc STILL insists that I practice “witchcraft” and work with the Devil.😳


Despite the numerous testimonies I have shared with her regarding the healing of my clients, healing myself of cancer, blood disorders, depression and more, she still does not know who I am. 😒

I even supported her with something and she got amazing results yet STILL she can’t see me. 🤣

I realized its because she is not aware of who she is.

I get it.

It’s not even personal anymore.

For many years, I just to believe that what she thought of me was who I really was – until I broke free.💪🏾

Childhood trauma will blind you into thinking something is wrong with you.

Ain’t nothing wrong with you Beloved, it’s just that Mama’s trauma blinded her and so (consciously or unconsciously) blinded you.

But you can heal and forgive everything!

Look in the mirror today and say “I AM the Great I AM”

You can heal that wound and step into your true power!

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