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Spiritual Alignment Consultation


You can heal any and everything!

You did not come here to suffering but to discover your path to freedom! Ready to finally get to the root of your physical, emotional and spiritual issues?

Get a Consultation with Sistah Yaya and discover permanent solutions to everything that ails you!


Refunds: There are no refunds for appointments that are missed or delayed. If you are 15 minutes or behind for your appointment, you will have to reschedule your appointment and a refund WILL NOT be issued.

My Approach: Please come prepared to be open and take responsibility for your energy. What you bring/put into the session is what you will get out of it. I am here to help and assist you, not judge or criticize you in any way.

It doesn’t not matter what you have done or where you have been – your willingness to be open to exploring that which hurts you is key to healing.

Before our session, please consume additional water a least 16 ounces. Please be ready to meet in a comfortable and quiet place, if possible. My approach is very direct and loving.

Please come prepared with something to write down notes. However, you may request a 15 minute tune up to review any missed information (charged separately). I will answer any and all questions you may have during your session.

Cancellation Policy: My time is valuable and your time is too! If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you may do so within 24 hours of the consultation time. After 24 hours, I cannot refund your money or immediately reschedule your appointment. You will have to purchase another consultation.

Disclaimer: I am a Traditional Healer, meaning, my methods of healing may or may not be in alignment with conventional healing. I am certified by my culture and people. Our methods are time tested by my Ancestors. I am NOT a Medical Doctor.

All information provided during this session is for informational purposes only. Please use your discretion and speak with your healthcare professional before starting to stopping any regime.

Privacy Policy: I do not sell, share or give your information to any third party. All information is confidential.

$125 USD : 1 hour (click button below to schedule)

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