Caribbean Traditional Healing has its roots in both Herbs and Magic. This is especially true for the Maroons (Community of Indigenous People that banned their energies together) of the Caribbean. They are those who have escaped enslavement (of mind, body, soul and spirit) and fled into the mountains and forests to live in freedom and independence.

The heart of Maroonage lies the essence of Kromanti, or Spirit Language, that is, a collection of the most effective Spiritual Practices during times of birth, marriage, divorce, war, peace and more. Kromanti comprises of a vast collection of methods and practices, allowing the individual and community to connect to their highest self, heal and transcend their circumstances.

The intention of this course is to share Traditional Maroonage Medicine and Ways that have assisted us for generations to heal and renew the body, minds and soul.

From our perspective, herbs and magic go hand in hand. We learned how to see, speak and work with plants in ways to invoke their magical essence to heal ourselves and our environment.

What Can You Expect to Learn:

  • Various Caribbean plants, roots, barks & their uses
  • Kromanti Numerology
  • How to use Caribbean herbs in healing Chakras and improving Spiritual Energy
  • How to energetically diagnose physical conditions and where they started
  • Caribbean Herbs & Uses for Women's Health
  • Kromanti Chakras System and Energies/Herbs that govern them
  • Uses of Caribbean herbs internally
  • Uses of Caribbean herbs externally
  • Caribbean Herbs & Uses for Men's Health
  • Caribbean Herbs & Uses for Babies & Children

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Real Success Stories

Girl you are about to make my eyes well up in tears!!! This is so beautiful.

Last night I had a dream of a beautiful shaman doing amazing altar work. The ancestors are listening and working behind the scenes.

And sis, your course is fiya!! Please, I would love to promote you in any way because your work is very valuable to our community. Love you so much.

Heirloom Spirits



The past 4 weeks have been life altering and I am grateful for the knowledge, wisdom and love shared. I will take this with me and continue to develop and nurture this aspect of healing.

Learning to heal with herbs and plant medicine. If you're interested in learning to heal with herbs the Kromanti way, this just might be your calling.

Much gratitude to Yaya Love for her divine support. Keshia AJ

Keshia AJ



It feels like I've been swallowed into a new world thank you to my sisters and Caribbean Healing & Herbalism 101 for teaching me more about healing herbs, and how to aid people with herbal medicine based on ailments they face daily.

My experience and time with you has been a blessing. Thank you for allowing me in your space and teaching me some things you know. You are a powerful woman and I look forward to our future endeavors...

She Wil


She Wil


I'm Sistah Yaya

Sistah Yaya is a Caribbean Traditional Herbalist, specializing in Maroon Spiritual and Herbal medicine and practices. Born into a family of Spiritualists and Healers, Sistah Yaya has taken the rich Kromanti culture of Jamaica and Haiti in addition to the herbal wisdom of Her Ancestors to help others heal themselves.

With a Degree in Human Services, Education and Public Policy from the University of Delaware and Graduate Studies in Public Health from Emory University in Atlanta, Sistah Yaya has married modern healing modalities with ancient healing sciences, creating a multi-faceted approach to wellness.


Soul Tribe Heals CEO