Sistah Yaya is a Caribbean Traditional Herbalist, specializing in Maroon Spiritual and Herbal medicine and practices. Born into a family of Spiritualists and Healers, Sistah Yaya has taken the rich Kromanti culture of Jamaica and Haiti in addition to the herbal wisdom of Her Ancestors to help others heal themselves.

With a Degree in Human Services, Education and Public Policy from the University of Delaware and Graduate Studies in Public Health from Emory University in Atlanta, Sistah Yaya has married modern healing modalities with ancient healing sciences, creating a multi-faceted approach to wellness.

As a Medical Empath, Sistah Yaya uses Ancestral wisdom to determine the source of spiritual, emotional and physical illnesses – a talent developed while learning from Spirit, Indigenous Healers, Spiritualists, Oracles and Teachers from the Caribbean, Central & South America, Africa & Asia whilst living in the US and abroad.

Sistah Yaya has travelled and studied in countries such as Brazil and Panama in search of other healing traditions that are steeped in the beautiful Earth Based Culture of the diaspora. Many of which were similar to her own, deepening her love for our common Ancestor – The Great Mother.

Sistah Yaya speaks several languages from Spanish to Brazilian Portuguese in addition to several dialects.

Sistah Yaya currently holds the position of Traditional Caribbean Master Herbalist & Healer, Reiki Master, Spiritual Guide, Medium, Oracle, Light Bearer, Life Coach, and Wholistic Esthetician.

Initiated into the Craft by her elders, Sistah Yaya continues to uphold the sacred healing practices of Maroon Healing as her Ancestors did centuries before her. Her company, Soul Tribe Group, currently serves as a platform of sharing wisdom and healing with others while serving to preserve the Maroon & Kromanti cultural values. The power of Plants, Prayers, Intention and Divine Love continue to remain at the heart and soul of her work.

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