Advice to Burnt Out & Over-worked Healers

Me, Reconnecting back to Myself & Nature

When Hurricane Ida blew through New Orleans on August 29, 2021 – I had no idea that this same energy of destruction and clearing would be a theme for me personally for the months ahead. Uncertain where we would live, how we would rebuild the business and the changes that were ahead – I felt completely burnt out, overwhelmed and drained. Not to mention, I was newly remarried with an energetic 2 year old.

Truth was, I was working waaaay to hard. I was doing the most and Hurricane Ida showed me I needed to STOP.

Just STOP.

Eight teen hours a day was not sustainable for me and while I knew this, I felt like I couldn’t stop. Have you ever felt that way? Living in survival mode? My whole life had always been movement, going going going. Its like being on the constant grind for the next “thing” whether that be a promotion on my job, a new home, a new car, a new relationship or just doing “something” new – my energy was always doing and doing to get something. It’s always the next thing, not the moment… Goosh!

Like the carrot before the horse.

When we arrived to Mexico – there was absolutely NOTHING for me to do. NO products or classes to create, no runs to the city for crystals and things – NOTHING. Not to mention, I was 100% worn out from all the trials and tribulations of getting here and losing all our possessions. I went from 100mph to 0 mph in 3 seconds!

So all I could do was be STILL and I mean painfully STILL!

For the first time in my life, I was STILL – no distractions and little movement. I sat with myself for months (and am still sitting with myself) and what I have discovered is someone really Special – MYSELF!

Away from the noise and the hustle of Western Life, I am finding that I love doing nothing, taking it easy and just being. No deadlines, no schedules, no obligations – I am simply living my BEST life and enjoy my own energy for the first time in my LIFE and I LOVE IT!

You may be asking, Yaya how did you make it work after losing everything (including my mind, at times)? Here is my advice to you:

  1. Surrender & Trust the Universe – know that the power that lives inside of you creates WORLDS! I knew this but had to put it into practice when I had no other choice. I pray you never have to get to that point, so start trusting more in small areas in your life. This is give you practice and a remembering for when the BIG events happen.
  2. Call on dem ANCESTORS honey! Whew lawd! I had a family reunion with them everyday – I needed them like I needed air & water. When I felt fragile, broken and completely burnt out, I called on them to take the wheel – and sho nuff, they did! Honor them daily.
  3. Ask for HELP! This was a hard one for me as I didn’t like asking for anything (Motherwounds y’all, Motherwounds!) But I had to put my pride aside and learn how to receive and accept because I am WORTHY and so are you! And I was surprised how many people wanted to support us in words, deeds and with money! Thank you all!

Burnout, disaster, tragedy and such can happen to anyone at anytime. Some of us are burnt out and don’t know it while some of us know it but don’t know where the breaks are (like me, lol) but I encourage you today, please take 30 mins of your day just for you. Sit still, listen to your breath, say a prayer, make some Love Me More Tea but whatever you do, please love and nourish yourself.

I love you so much and wish the best for you and your family!

Sistah Yaya


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